Friday, April 1, 2016

Story 5: Comedian Tim Allen and drug addiction and alcoholism.

Tim Allen has become a well known and loved comedian.   He is famous for his roles as Tim "the tool man" Taylor in Home Improvement, as Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus in the Santa Clause series of movies, and as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movie series.  

Lesser known though is the difficult path that Tim traveled to put his life back together in Kintsugi fashion.   The death of Tim's father when he was young had a terrible effect on him as he turned to drug addiction and alcoholism to deal with the pain.  

At the tender age of 25, Tim's drug and alcohol abuse landed him in jail.  He was arrested for drug possession and drug trafficking.   He could have ended up in jail for life, but struck a deal with local law enforcement to provide names of other dealers.   He was sentenced to three to seven years of jail and served just over two years of jail time before being released.  

Tim's life has drastically changed since that day.  He credits the success of his transformation to turning his life over to Christ who he affectionately calls "the Builder."

Tim writes  that he does not believe that he was placed in this world by accident and by his own personal experience has come to believe that "no man is too far gone"  tim-allen-shares-the-heartbreaking-story-that-lead-to-his-faith-in-jesus

Tim talks about his personal relationship with God in this short video:

Tim Allen talks about God

Tim's story is just one of many thousands and hundreds of thousands of stories both shared and uknown that remind us that no matter how far we have fallen, no matter how messed up our lives seem, no matter how broken they are.... we can be fixed.  We may not be able to erase the past, but with the power of kentsugi, Christ's art of healing the broken through his atonement, no one is too far gone and we can all find forgiveness, happiness, respect and success in our lives once again,

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